Week in Arcade: Mega Man 10

Coming out of the Block Party promo, we are treated to a late 360 release that is already available for Wii and PS3 owners.

Mega Man 10

Mega Man 9 was fan service. Mega Man 10, well, this one feels a little cheap. Don’t take that the wrong way. Everything here is fantastic, from the level design to the music, to the few still-frame cinematics. It all reeks of 8-bit greatness. However, the game has a feel that Capcom saw where the money is and dumped into that same well.

There are some changes, including an easy mode to ease those into 10 who found 9’s punishing difficulty too much (*raises hand), but it is nearly insultingly easy in spots. Still, it is a nice way to become familiar with patterns of the bosses when prepping for the had mode, which in all honesty hates you. There is a fun little surprise after you beat Wily… the first time. Of course, a sequel is set up as well, but if Capcom goes to 11 without stopping at X, the magic will be lost.

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How to use your cellphone to guard your home.

The Star (South Africa) July 8, 2011 While cellphones may be one of the most simple targets for criminals to steal, they can still be a useful tool in protecting yourself and your family.

And even if it goes missing, its becoming more common for smartphones to allow you to remotely retrieve your data, find its GPS position and even send a damning message to the criminal by deleting everything on your SIM card. go to web site blackberry protect login

ADT Security recently implemented a new cell-phone panic button, that with the press of a button can contact police and the security company itself if you find yourself under attack. The concept is built around speed. When you press a predetermined speed dial number, ADT automatically dispatches an armed response vehicle to your property.

“Our cell phones are seldom out of reach at home or, at least, we always know where they are – often more so than our remote panic buttons. The launch of ADT Cell Panic means you can instantly dispatch help to your property via your cellphone,” said Roy Rawlins, managing director of ADT Central Region. blackberryprotectlogin.com blackberry protect login

If the phone is used by someone other than you, a GPS position of the phone can also be sent straight to you, which can make finding the criminal a breeze for the police. MTN’s recently released security system also appears to be modelled on BlackBerry Protect, and gives the same functionality.

MTN also offer the 2MyAid service for all cellphones, which sends a distress SMS to four emergency contacts alerting them that you are in an emergency situation or in distress. The SMS will explain that you need help and contain information about your location, meaning quick and easy alert to your family or friends.

And if you constantly lose your phone, BlackBerry Protect can help. If your phone has slid down the side of the couch for the millionth time, even if the phone is on silent, you can use your computer to turn the volume up and locate it.