Dana White Backs Down on EA Sports MMA Comments

By now it is no secret that UFC president Dana White has no love for EA Sports. As many of you know, White tried to sabotage their game, EA Sports MMA, by saying he would ban any fighter who appeared in it from the UFC.  It seemed like this may have been a good strategy, right up until the point where it was apparent fighters just didn’t care about White’s threat.  Randy Couture agreed to appear in the game while he already had a scheduled fight in the UFC, and Fedor Emelianenko (whom White has been trying very hard to get to fight in the UFC) agreed to do the game as well.  These are just a few big names along with other respected fighters who are in the game.

As the fighter list grew for EA Sports MMA, it became clear that eventually Dana White would have to cave in on his statement or say good-bye to some big time fighters.  Well, White finally backed down from his threat, but swears that the UFC Undisputed games published by THQ (a smaller company than EA), will wipe the mat with EA Sports MMA. White was quoted as saying,  “They’re bigger than THQ, they have been. Let’s see how they do now. Their earnings reports just came out and they suck. This company that used to control the whole video game world and were these big fucking giants, we’ll see where they are in the next two years. And as as far as the MMA space goes, we’ll kick the living shit out of them.”

While these seem like pretty bold words, if White is really committed to making the games a success over EA ‘s he may be able to make it happen.  After all, look what he did with the UFC when that was in shambles.

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