Ether Saga Online Welcomes Spring with New Events

Promotional image for Ether Saga Online's "dancer costumes"

With the coming of spring time, Ether Saga Online concludes some of it’s recent events, and promises new ones to come.

Moondancer, with stylish Easter bunny ears

The Spring Calendar event encouraged players to create a calendar design for the months of April, May, and June in the program of their choice. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 31st. The top 10 designs will be featured on the Ether Saga Online website, and made available for download. A Lulang Temptress Pet will also be rewarded to each of the winners.

The Fashion Contest is also drawing to a close, ending officially on Wednesday, March 31st. Players are encouraged to create an outfit, including headgear, body gear and shoes. For full details, interested participants can view the official blog entry on the contest.

The “How to train your Pet Video” contest is still in full swing. In this contest, players are encouraged to make a mock video utilizing their imagination and choreography skills to create a video guide to pet training. For further details, players can refer to the guide posted on the Perfect World Entertainment blog. The contest closes on April 26.

The Perfect World Entertainment blog also promises exciting new events for Easter and such in the near future.

Lastly, due to the popularity the last time they were available, the Moondancer and Thunderdancer outfits are back for a limited time in the game store. They are available to players until April 27th.

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