Battle of the Immortals Interview: Product Manager Jon Belliss

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Battle of the Immortals is a 2.5D fantasy MMORPG combining both Asian and Norse mythologies to create a PvP heavy, action oriented game. It’s closed beta testing was scheduled for February, but was pushed back to April for a variety of reasons, including gameplay, microtransactions, and technical tweaks. The official Perfect World International Blog has finally set an official date for the closed beta phase: April 13th.

This writer had the opportunity to interview BOI’s Product Manager Jon Belliss, and ask a thing or two about the games details; particularly the Battle of the Immortal‘s action elements and its PvP game play.

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MPG: The game is described as a 2.5D Action MMORPG. Could you go into detail on what this entails, and how it dictates gameplay?

Belliss: The 2.5D style of the game gives it a top down, isometric view, not dissimilar to Torchlight. It only really dictates gameplay in what you can immediately see on the screen, which in turn gives you a stronger sense of your surroundings, and more importantly the monsters surrounding you.

MPG: What makes Battle of the Immortals an Action MMORPG, and how does it compare to a straight console action title like Devil May Cry?

Belliss: It plays very similar to Torchlight or Diablo. You point-click to move and same to attack. I would describe BoI’s gameplay as a fusion between a single player Action RPG and a traditional target based MMORPG. It isn’t a straight action game like the single player titles you mentioned because not everything you do will just be killing baddies. There will be questing, crafting and massive PvP battles.

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MPG: Could you go into detail about the depth of PvP and the ranking system?

Belliss: There is a huge variety of PvP options in Battle of the Immortals. There’s the obvious PvP dueling between players, but there will also be PvPvE features.

In addition, there are competitive dungeons, which are basically like time trials. The group with the best time unlocks the final boss. We’ll also have an in-depth ranking system for not only PvP, but also other stats like for the strongest pet etc…

Thanks for your time, Jon!

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