Old Spice Wants You to Pay for Advergames on Indie Service (Update)

Update: A rep from Old Spice sent us this note in regards to the games:


I saw your post about the Old Space games and just wanted to make sure you have the correct facts.  Old Spice did not develop these video games.  In fact, Old Spice and Wieden+Kennedy worked with Microsoft and the Dream.Build.Play competition to crowd-source video game development through their XNA Creators Club Online developer community. This is the first time a brand has ever engaged the independent developer community upfront – that means the independent developers work to create a game, and then they surprise us with the results.”

So why are they still charging for them? Why not pay the developers for their work when the games are done and release them as free advergames? You get the best of both worlds by supporting the indie community, and advertising to a key demographic. Plus, the developer doesn’t have to sell “X” number of downloads before seeing any payment.

Original post below:

Note to Old Spice,

Doritos came before you, and they did it better. They announced an entire contest, letting people with an idea create their own games and seem them realized as full free Xbox Live Arcade Games.

You tried to sneak one by use, but we’re not falling for it. You’ve released three games on the Live Indie Game service all based on your product, and you expect us to pay for it? Oh, and then you don’t even choose the lowest price possible which is 80 MS Points, but 240? Why are you charging us to play something geared towards selling us your product?

Maybe if you were charging a dollar, it could be seen as a marketing idea that did not go right, and you have to salvage the promo this way. But no, you’re trying to clog a service made for small time developers with your advertising… awful.

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