Modern Warfare 2 DLC Coming to PS3, PC in May

Those eagerly awaiting the ridiculously priced $15 Stimulus Map Pack for their PS3 and PC gaming sessions finally have their dates. American PS3 owners will be playing on the three new maps and two old maps on May 4th, PC (and worldwide PS3) owners have to wait an additional day until May 5th.

That is a full month of lead time for the 360, although certainly the power of Call of Duty will keep players on their hardware of choice until the maps roll around. Xbox 360 players may move onto the upcoming Halo Reach beta which begins around the same time.

Not mentioned in Robert Bowling’s Tweet announcement was the price for these maps, although releasing them cheaper for PS3 and PC owners will certainly rally the fury of the internet. If they were bold enough to charge $15 on the 360 (and set sales records), they will certainly charge the same on additional hardware.

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