TERA Focus Group Test & Image Caption contest

Image for the "LOLPopori" image caption event

The TERA Focus Group Test was officially announced a few weeks ago, and the days quickly count down its official start on Friday, April 16. FGT2 will run from the 16th to the 19th of April, following these times, as announced on the official TERA forums:

  • Friday: 12pm–10pm PDT (7pm–5am UTC)
  • Saturday: 7am–10pm PDT (2pm–5am UTC)
  • Sunday: 7am–10pm PDT (2pm–5am UTC)
  • Monday: 12pm–10pm PDT (7pm–5am UTC)
  • Tuesday: TDB based on player progress

Invites go out on Monday, April 12, with instructions on how to download and participate in the testing.

The FGT2 covers levels 1-25 of the game, and participants are asked for general and specific feedback on certain points of the game.

The TERA team has also announced a “LOLPopori” contest that will reward 20 winners with invites to the FGT2. The contest revolves around the “fleeing Popori” image above. Participants who create the best captions for the image win.

Players must get the source image from TERA’s Flickr account, and can use whatever image manipulation software at their disposal to create the caption. Once finished, players must upload the image to an image hosting site like Imageshack or the like, and share the URL on Twitter, using the #TERA hashtag so that they can be more easily found by the TERA team. The event ends on April 15th, and winners will be announced on the TERA forums once the event concludes.

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