The Scourge Project, Episodes 1 & 2 Available via Steam

The Scourge Project. Tragnarion Studios

Tragnarion Studios has announced that The Scourge Project will be available for digital download via Steam for $19.99. Better still, the title will be available at an additional 10% discount for the first week, dropping the price down to $17.99.

The Scourge Project is a Sci-Fi First Person Shooter (FPS) title scheduled for multi-platform release that has been floating about in players minds since last year. Despite rumors ranging from the game shifting to third-person, all the way up to the game being canceled, Tragnarion has persevered nonetheless and delivered it’s title. Finally.

The Head of Studio at Tragnarion Studios, Eugenio Vitale, said; “We are very excited to work with Steam for The Scourge Project launch. We have been working on the game production for the past 2 years with a team of more than 100 talented people and we are keen to finally see it in the hands of players. ”

The Scourge Project. Tragnarion Studios

The Scourge Project allows for up to four-player Co-op in campaign mode, offering four different characters with different combinations of special abilities, uniques story flashbacks for each character, nine different weapons to play with, and a 16-player multiplayer, with the usual Deathmatch, Capture-the-flag, and Frontier modes. For players experiencing the game with less than four companions, The Scourge Project offers a Squad AI system and quick-order system to command non-player allies.

The two episodes are rather short, though, clocking in at about five to six hours or so in total. Also, the ally AI is can be rather stupid, and the giving out orders doesn’t always seem to work.

Still, The Scourge Project boasts some absolutely fantastic enemy models, even if its environments aren’t as impressive. The gameplay is pretty good, and hopefully Tragnarion gets enough feedback to polish-up further episodes and its console releases.

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