Week in Arcade: Final Fight Double Impact

Technically, it is a two-fer this week, but you get a single download of two Capcom classics.

Final Fight Double Impact

Capcom’s iconic and classic beat-em-up makes its first appearance on the Live Arcade along with another familiar face, Magic Sword. Both games offer the same options, including gorgeous original visuals or muddy “filtered HD” ones (yuck), and remixed music. The latter is serviceable, but has a long way to go before matching the greatness of the Sega CD Final Fight remixed music.

Tons of unlockable bonuses are included, but annoyingly clog the screen and lead to cheap hits when earned (especially bothersome where the smaller sprites of Magic Sword are concerned). You also cannot pause to check on possible challenges, because the game itself becomes a lobby. Any pauses are disabled, even when going to guide to check on friends. Minor annoyances, but you still get fantastic ports with online co-op, enough to satisfy fans of these classics.

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