Battle of the Immortals Closed Beta Hits Ground Running

Battle of the Immortals CBT live logo. PWE

Battle of the Immortals has officially entered its closed beta phase on Tuesday, April 13th. To compliment this event, Perfect World Entertainment has released a podcast and a new trailer as well as several blog entries over the last few days detailing the closed beta of the title.

In the podcast, available at the PWE blog, Jon Belliss is interviewed about the closed beta phase and it’s many details. The interview starts around the two minute, thirty second mark. The developer will be issuing different surveys weekly regarding what players think about certain aspects of the game (low level content, cash shop, etc). Players who complete all surveys will be entered into a lottery, and five of those players will win one hundred dollars worth of Zen (10,000 Zen), virtual currency they can use on any PWE game. A similar reward will be given to those players who reach the highest level for each particular class by the end of the CBT.

Battle of the Immortals CBT image

Secondly, the podcast addresses what is called a “salary” system. This system allows players to accumulate an in-game “salary” of sorts, which can be used in a shop that mirrors the cash shop. This salary is earned by playing the game, taking on quests, etc. There are also exclusive items in the salary shop as well, which serve as incentive to play the game and utilize this function.

The first day of the Battle of the Immortals closed beta seems to be a success, if one uses the blog posts as any sort of gauge. The CBT went live on 11:00 am PT, and was so inundated with players that they opened a second server (Abyss) to keep up with the flood.

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