100 Free Invites and Currency to Vampire MMOG ‘City of Eternals’

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City of Eternals is a flash-based MMOG, where players can assume the role of vampires. Much like your standard MMOG, players fight, go on quests, and explore the modern-day city of New Valencia, ruled by several Vampire Houses which the player joins. Players can work on developing their entourage, furnishing their home, making friends, and developing their character to become the best vampire warrior they can be.

With the United States pouring billions of dollars into online multiplayer gaming, it isn’t a surprise to see that developers are trying to use new means to hook players to their games. Titles like Farmville and Mafia Wars have become incredibly popular in the social media world, so it’s only natural that the online game developer Ohai is working to make City of Eternals a lightweight online social game that appeals to everyone, fully integrated with Facebook and soon, Twitter.

Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace are rich communal environments that businesses have only just begun to utilize to their advantage. These sites have a huge fan following, see tremendous growth daily, and its users fire off media and information at every second. If that isn’t a prime advertising and socializing resource, what is? And, of course, because City of Eternals is fully integrated with Facebook, it’s players can socialize much, much easier with other players than ever before in an online game. There is no lengthy account creation; just connect with Facebook (and soon Twitter), and you’re set. The beauty of the system is that there is a real person behind the character, allowing players to look at other player icons and interact with them through Facebook if they so wish.

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City of Eternals is extremely accessible to players. Not everyone has a console, and not everyone wants to install additional software or update the hardware on their computer to play a game. Ohai has made City of Eternals very casual-friendly by making it Flash-based, which pretty much 99% of all internet-connected computers have, for ease of access.

Besides, with the insane popularity of the Twilight series and vampires in pop culture in general, the subject matter behind City of Eternals is no doubt very appealing, and prime MMOG material.

Why not check it out? It just so happens that MultiplayerGames has gotten it’s hands on one hundred invites for City of Eternals, with 100 Ohai dollars each (the game’s virtual currency). It’s quick, fun, and free, so take advantage and check it out A.S.A.P.! All you have to do is log into your Facebook account from the above or below link, and you’re in with some free in-game currency!

Check out City of Eternals with these invites.

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