Tecmo Bowl Throwback: April 28th XBLA

Xbox Live owners will need to stock up on their Microsoft Points soon. Tecmo Bowl is back on home consoles April 28th. Xbox Live Arcade fans have a first shot at the game, as PSN owners unfortunately have to wait for as-of-yet undetermined date (although the trailer does say Spring).

The game is only a meager $10 (800 MS Points), a steal considering you get both a classic gameplay mode and some wonderful new 3-D visuals. Oh, and season mode is back too. Sadly, no NFL license thanks to EA, but real cities are represented. That has to count for something, right?

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Blair: I want to save planet for kids.(News)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland) June 24, 1997 | Maguire, Kevin Doting dad Tony Blair yesterday vowed to save the planet for his kids.

In a powerful speech to a huge United Nations conference on the environment, the Premier revealed how much he misses Euan, 13, Nicky, 11, and Kathryn, nine, when he is working abroad. here planets for kids

He told the E2 summit in New York: “My children complain I am never at home.

“But if there is one summit they would want me at, it is this one.

“They know our decisions here will have a profound effect on the world they inherit.

“So I speak to you not just as the new British Prime Minister, but as a father.” Blair, who arrived home with wife Cherie this morning, has been on five foreign trips in his eight weeks as Prime Minister.

At the New York summit, he vowed Britain would more than double its third world aid, and halve deaths from poverty by 2015. this web site planets for kids

He attacked “great industrialised nations,” like America for wasting precious resources and destroying the atmosphere.

Blair also called for better transport and energy conservation, and greater use of wind, wave and solar energy.

Blair is likely to put up car and petrol taxes as part of his “green Government”.

And he wants British businesses to concentrate on making more environmentally friendly products.

The PM promised to do more to stop the pollution that causes global warming, and took a swipe at the USA and Japan for not meeting anti-pollution targets set five years ago.

He called for cleaner drinking water for all, and demanded more action to protect the rain forests.

Blair said: “Our duty as world leaders is to hand on an environment that will enable our children and grandchildren to enjoy the same full life we took for granted.” German Chancellor Helmut Kohl is tipping Blair to take over from him as the uncrowned leader of Europe.

Kohl has been the strongest leader in the EU for years. But he recently told a US official he “will not be around forever”.

He reckons Blair, who has impressed his fellow leaders, will be “the next big player in Europe”.

Maguire, Kevin