Drew Brees Announced as Madden 11 Cover Man

Fans of the Madden series will be seeing a lot of black and gold this year. Drew Brees is the lucky (or unlucky if you believe in the Madden Curse) cover athlete for 2011. Brees was picked via an online poll hosted by Doritos, possibly by Colts fans who are still steaming over their Super Bowl loss. Kudos to EA for the painted cover art though, a nice change of pace from the usual photo.

Madden 11 is due August 10th for the PSP, Wii, 360, PS2 (yes, still), and PS3. Apple products including the iPod Touch and iPhone will also be released, but rather obviously won’t feature cover art. We’ll call it an in-between and state Drew Brees is the title screen athlete.

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