Guilds and new classes introduced in Dungeon Fighter Online

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The recently announced Guilds System has been introduced into Dungeon Fighter Online, allowing players to organize and engage in new co-op possibilities in the brawler-MMO. In addition, the new “Awakening” sub-classes allow players to grow and develop even further.

Dungeon Fighter Online is currently in beta, and is scheduled for it’s official launch in June. To date, over the title has over 197 million registered accounts, making this a massively popular title.

To kick off the launch of the Guild System, Dungeon Fighter Online is offering players the chance to create a guild for half-price. Guild Initiation fees are 150,000 gold (in-game currency). Players can also enjoy double guild EXP, which is earned by any guild members who plays through dungeons.

The first five guilds to reach level 5 will be rewarded with the Smoking Guild Gift Box, an item pack that includes 10 Noble Warrior Potions, (a 10 percent boost to HP and MP) and three Monster Suit Potions (which transforms players into monsters in-town for five minutes). Winning guilds will be announced on May 26th.

To promote the eight new Awakening classes, any character created during the launch event will be awarded double life tokens (ten, instead of the normal five). Players who advance one of the eight awakening subclasses (Asura, Battle Mage, Berserker, Elementalist, Launcher, Nen Master, Spitfire and Striker), will receive a class advancement present as a reward. The gift contains “Remy’s Touch” and “Mana-Aid”. Bonus EXP will be awarded to parties with at least one of the awakening subclasses. Parties of two receive a 10% boost, and parties of 3 or four receive a 20% boost.

The guild bonuses and awakening event began on April 28th, and are scheduled to end on May 19th.

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