Week in Arcade: Zeno Clash, Raystorm

A double week that will run you $30 if you want both. Ouch.

Raystorm HD

A remake of a PlayStation shooter (which was followed by RayCrisis), this is a fantastic vertical shooter, but one that really doesn’t need the update. Sure, the visuals are crisper, sharper, and cleaner, yet the original does not look too shabby given the relative simplicity of the visuals. At the very least, the high and low altitude combat did not get some ugly “smoothing” treatment. Still, for fans of the original who likely own it, this is not worth an upgrade.

Zeno Clash

A PC darling, this first-person shooter/beat-em-up creates a full, vivid primitive world. First-person brawling rarely works, although Zeno Clash does a decent job. Collision is consistent, and landing that big uppercut is satisfying. Voice acting is tolerable, and the visuals contain quite a bit of depth. Shooting is somewhat sloppy, although easily tolerated with time. Co-op is fun, making Zeno Clash the better of the two purchases this week.

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