Call of Duty Bundled on the 360


Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, and World at War have been combined into a single, money-sapping trap by Activision. Aside from the original game in the series, released to the Xbox Live Arcade, this is a full compilation of Call of Duty World War II games to date in a single package, and for $60.

What this does not seem to include are any of the added content packs, such as Nazi Zombies. Consider that before purchase, especially if you plan on joining the legions of people in World at War who did not leave for the popular Modern Warfare. Those three map packs could set you back another $30 or so.

The collection seems to be an Xbox 360 exclusive, and likely will stay so unless Activision has someone port Call of Duty 2 over to the PS3.

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