Want to be a TERA Tester? Fill Out an Application and Sign Up!

TERA, in-game models and environment

Regardless of whether or not you participated in previous TERA Focus Group Tests (FGT), anyone who is interested in participating in future tests will need to re-apply.

TERA is an upcoming MMORPG with heavy action-game elements that re-define how massively multiplayer online RPG’s play. Defense and evasion are crucial: monsters telegraph their attacks much like enemies would in an action game, and avoiding damage is entirely the players responsibility. This, alongside the impressive visuals, a PVP-focused world, and many of the conventions one would expect from a MMORPG, makes TERA a very attractive title.

TERA, exploring and fighting in-game

With such a promising prospective MMORPG, why not apply to be a tester? En Masse entertainment is actually doing quite well interacting with its forum community, so you never know: your suggestions may very well change the game for the better. However, before you go off changing the world one MMORPG at a time, consider the following factors:

  • Applications and data are linked to TERA-Online.com forum handles and e-mail accounts. So in order to apply, sign up at the games’ official forum, and use the same e-mail and forum handle in the application.
  • Don’t apply more than one time, as you won’t be any more eligible to be chosen. It’s not a raffle after all.
  • Be sure to fill out the first page of the application completely: it’s crucial to being chosen that you do.

For more details, check out the news update on TERA-Online‘s website.

Done reading? Then fill out the application!

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