Week in Arcade: Rocket Knight, Things on Wheels

Two games this week for a total of $25, both worth the price.

Rocket Knight Adventures

A faithful update of the underrated 16-bit platform series, Rocket Knight serves as a sequel (not a remake) to the classic Konami series. Controlling a jetpack fueled opossum, players hack at invading wolves with their sword, fly through the skies in horizontal shooting levels, and fight massive bosses. Rocket Knight feels the same as the previous entries, a little loose but still in control. Colorful and bright, the newly rendered visuals are fantastic, although it is a shame that sprite art seems to be dead.

Things on Wheels

Controlling an RC car around a track? Been there, done that in Mad Tracks. So, what does Things on Wheels do different? Not much. While fast and easy to control, course design has some holes that can literally send the player back a few checkpoints. Memorization is more critical than skill it seems, and power-ups, while fun, are familiar. There is enough content here to justify the price tag, but not necessarily the originality.

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