Bungie Announces Fall Fixes for Reach

Within a short amount of time from the launch of the Halo: Reach beta, Bungie is letting us know the hard work we are putting into playing is paying off for the game.  Constantly reviewing the data they are collecting from matches they have already identified several problems and have either already fixed them for fall release or are in the process of fixing them for the true launch.  Below are eight fixes (in a nutshell) to date.

1. The repetitive voicing will be tweaked.  In other words we all will be saved from hearing “Flag taken, flag dropped” a million times a match in CTF.

2. Stockpile flag collecting will be adjusted.  Some people have been found guilty of steeling their own team flags, planted by a teammate, and replanting it so they get the credit.

3. The difficult to make out reticules will be fixed.

4. Light damage indicators have made it tough for people to figure out where they are getting shot from; Bungie has noticed and will rectify it for fall.

5. Some frame blending that was intended to polish things, are actually creating some “undesirable artifacts” in game called ghosting.  It will be smoothed out.

6. There will be alterations to the melee system, two specifically so far. First, a delay will be added between melee strikes so you will be less likely to be punished for using your gun instead of your fist.  Second, the melee timing will be modified so there are less double kills when facing off against an opponent.

7.  For all you boiling in fury over the strength of the frag grenades, there will be a power reduction to them that will require a bit more skill to get your kills as apposed to just blind throw kills.

8.  Many of us have noticed, it is tough to tell how you earn your credits. Bungie assures us it is to some extent due to your commendations in a match and this will be made clearer in the fall of what earns you what.

Another improvement being prepped for fall is a punishment for quitters.  Think of this not as a patch, but as a warning for you sore losers that like to quite half way through a game because you’re getting whipped or at the very end just because.  Quitting is going to cost you!  One likelihood is that it will cost you a certain amount of credits every-time you quite.  Still not scared? Fine, the second punishment will be if you quite a certain number of times you will be banned from the matchmaking lobby for possibly 15-30 minutes.  So if you are one of these quitters, learn to take your lumps like the rest of us, there is always next game.  Bungie is collecting data on quitting in the beta to determine exact punishments. We bow to your divine foresight on this Bungie!