Modern Warfare 2 “Resurgence” Map Pack June 3rd

Activision has confirmed the next Modern Warfare 2 map pack is on the way June 3rd, and apparently for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC at the same time. PS3 and PC gamers are just now diving into the Stimulus maps at their absurdly inflated price, and now less than a month later, are expected to download an additional set. Maybe if these maps were combined into a single package, that $15 price would not have been so ridiculous.

Acitvision did not announce a price point for the Resurgence pack, but since the Stimulus maps set download records, they will surely charge the same for this new set of multiplayer locales. That bring the total price of the DLC for the game to $30. To put that into perspective, for $60 you received:

1. A full single player campaign

2. 23 co-op Spec-op missions

3. 16 versus multiplayer maps

Now, for $30, half the price of the full game itself, you get:

1. 10 new multiplayer maps, at least two culled from previous games

How is this value? Is the mainstream sector of the gaming populace blind to how they are being taken advantage of? Every company is catching on to these tactics, EA Sports included, charging for online play if you buy the game used. No matter how much these companies continue to piece out their games, people continue to purchase this garbage as if it were nothing.

You are being taken advantage of. Activision has built a large community, the largest on Xbox Live for sure, and are doing everything they can to milk these players dry. This has nothing to do with the $15 itself, but the value for the money. No one, absolutely no one, can say $30 for 10 maps is a fair price when for $60 you received everything else on the disc (plus the disc itself). Even if the maps are announced at $10, that is still $25, just under half of the full retail price. This is price gouging, and undoubtedly, some people will defend it.

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