Land of Chaos Online Closed Beta Launches May 27

Land of Chaos Online, CG and in-game image

Boasting a pre-defined thirty character roster, great visuals, and interesting tactical action-heavy gameplay, Land of Chaos Online (LOCO) garnered plenty of attention when the first screens and gameplay videos hit the web. Not a true MMORPG, but featuring many elements from the online RPG genre, LOCO is more like the love-child between real-time strategy, third-person shooting, and action-rpgs (yes, a threesome). The game is entirely player-versus-player focused.

Developer Burda:ic has revealed that LOCO’s closed beta testing will begin on May 27th. Many websites have been providing beta keys for the coming test, and gamers interested in the event could even sign up for an account on the official website for a possible beta key. The registration deadline was May 17th.

Beta registration may be over, but with closed beta testing coming at the end of this month, one can expect plenty of new information about the game then, along with new screens and gameplay videos. Check back with us to learn more about LOCO. Until then, view the gameplay video to get a taste of what Land of Chaos Online has to offer.

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