Killzone 3 Goes 3-D… with Jetpacks

A lot of media companies must be thinking what is due to be bumped up to “3” soon. What a perfect chance to add an extra “D” and call it a day… like Killzone. At a press event in Amsterdam, Sony made the the third game in the FPS franchise official, which was spoiled slightly by the reveal of the latest issue of GamePro a day earlier. So much for surprises.

Anyway, Sony announced the bare details, which were already known, including a feature familiar to Halo Reach fans already: Jetpacks. Note that Killzone Liberation, the PSP exclusive, also featured jetpack troopers. The game will also fully support 3-D for those with the proper equipment, which could either be very few or a lot by the time Killzone 3 releases.

Personally, Killzone 2, despite its visuals, felt drab and flat, lacking those “wow” moments we expect from hefty, big budget gaming titles. Here’s to hoping the third go around lets this series find its full groove.

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