UFC 2010 “Connecting” Issue Needs Fixed

THQ introduced their own “Project $10” feature in the latest edition of their UFC franchise, and the implementation is ridiculous. At the title screen, after the player has pressed start, the game begins connecting to a server. Why? To try and authenticate your Online Pass for the game, regardless of whether or not you have input the code inside the case.

The issue is that servers are being hammered. Waits of up to five minutes (or longer) are not uncommon as personally experienced and evident in this Gamefaqs thread. To be clear, this is just to enter the main menu to play some single player career mode. Why would this not try and authenticate after entering into the online portion of the game, instead of trying to manage the thousands of players trying to connect the game in general?

Then again, why should it have to authenticate anything at all? The only solution is to unhook the Ethernet cable (of course losing Live/PSN features in the process) if you want to play single player, or wait it out. Thanks THQ. Can’t wait for EA Sports games this year…

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