MultiplayerGames E3 2010 Live Coverage

Starting Monday, June 15th, MultiplayerGames will begin live blogging the big three press conferences, and you can join! Visit our site Monday morning at 10:30 AM Pacific time for full coverage of Microsoft’s press conference. Then, on Tuesday, Nintendo will be up at 9:30 AM, and at 11:30 AM Sony kicks off their presentation.

The best part of being at MPG for the big show? You can interact with us. Don’t like what we have to say? State your opinion live for the world to see. Of course, you’ll need to keep it civil when interacting with your fellow gamer, but you’ll be in a place where gamers from all over will be joining in the festivities. Just visit the site before the shows start, and you’ll find a link to join in via CoverItLive. Hope to see you there!

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