Six Live Arcade Titles Discounted this Week

If you’re looking to stock on some Live Arcade games, this is the week to do it. Microsoft has lowered the price on six games this week, including multiple first-person shooters.

The original Call of Duty drops from $15 to $10. The same goes for the HD remake of Serious Sam and Battlefield 1943. Duke Nukem 3-D, the best you are going to do since Duke Nukem Forever is no longer happening, is a meager $5, a steal considering the amount of features. In the non-shooter realm (actually, the furthest thing you’ll find), PopCap’s spectacularly addictive Peggle is only $5, the cheapest fix you’ll ever find.

Finally, Team 17’s proper Arcade Worms title, Armageddon, is also now a $5 affair (at least for this week). There is not a bad deal in the bunch, so if any of these were in demo form on your hard drive, it’s time to pull the trigger.

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