TERA Producer Brian Knox Answers Your Questions on Twitter

Defending Lancer, www.tera-online.com/

En Masse Entertainment’s senior producer Brian Knox will hold a special TERA question-and-answer session live from the E3. This session will take place right on the convention floor, and Knox will take questions sent to¬†TERA‘s Twitter account @TeraOnline, beginning 10:30 AM (PT)/ 1:30 PM (ET)/ 6:30 PM (GMT) on Wednesday, June 16.

Social media has exploded on the internet scene, and it is becoming increasingly common among gaming populations to gauge publishers and developers not only by the quality of their work, but on how well they communicate with their fan following on social media sites like Myspace, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Many online games, both small and great, have begun to embrace the extraordinary speed and outreach of social media marketing, including newcomers to the MMOG field like City of Eternals and Valkyrie Sky, as well as giants like World of Warcraft.

If you don’t happen to have a Twitter account you need not fret, as signing up is a cinch and best of all completely free. Once you do have a Twitter account, make sure your tweet (post) contains:

  • @TERAOnline – It’s not case sensitive, but don’t add any spaces. The @ in front of a their name will make your tweet a direct reply, sending it straight to TERAOnline’s reply box .
  • Nice Puppies, www.tera-online.com/

    Your question, obviously.

  • #TERA – This is called a “hashtag” (put # in front of a word to make it a keyword that is easier for other Twitter users to find). It’s easiest to add hashtags at the end of a tweet. TERA Online‘s example tweet is, “@TERAOnline How many player classes does TERA have? #TERA”

Remember, you have to fit all of that within 140 characters or less, so either get good at writing short questions, writing super-specific questions, or both.

The TERA team at E3 will take twenty minutes to do the Q & A. The Interview is expected to last half an hour. However, while Knox likely wont be able to answer all questions, the team will try and continue to answer questions if there is significant backlog.

Remember, 10:30 AM (PT)/ 1:30 PM (ET)/ 6:30 PM (GMT) on Wednesday, June 16

TERA will be at booth 537 in the South Exhibit Hall at E3, for those lucky enough to be attending.

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