Microsoft’s E3 2010 Press Conference: Out of Touch

If you ever need proof major corporations are completely out of touch with their customer base, watch E3. Every year, one of the big three completely lets us down, and there is a chance Microsoft will be that “one.”

The company had their chance to show off their new Kinect motion control at a bizarre, goofy event the night before, where journalists were forced to wear white ponchos for reasons still unknown. They chose not to air this live for reasons that are still baffling, and then went on to spend nearly an hour preaching about the technology during their one shot in 2010 to wow us all.

Sure, everything prior to this was impressive. Halo Reach looked awesome, Gears of War 3 was spectacular, Metal Gear Rising was superb, and Call of Duty Black Ops was everything we hoped for. However, they sped through these rapidly as if they had something amazing to show us… they didn’t.

To clarify, they debuted a new piece of hardware, a redesigned, slimmer 360 shipping as this is being written, and offered no information besides the size and built-in Wi-fi. What about the price drop on the current hardware in stores? What about the change in configuration about the hard drive? What about the new Kinetic port on the console? What about benefits of the new hardware?

Those all should have been discussed, but instead, we are “treated” to some random developer dancing to a painfully pathetic dance game from Harmonix. Oh, and the six-year old girl talking to “Skittles” the tiger? What was the point? We saw Milo last year; we get it. Who in the core demographic, especially those on Spike TV, care about an animal care simulator?

Everything about their event was cold, corporate, and controlled. The abysmal “conversation” between the two girls over video chat is a new low, and does no one realize you can video chat right now with the Vision Camera? Oh, Microsoft stopped supporting that ages ago.

The ESPN deal is interesting, allowing the user to watch live sports on their console, and even control them with your voice. How awesome will it be to have a room full of people, and that one guy rooting for the road team yelling, “Replay!” ten times after his team scores? Not at all. Thanks Kinect. Also, no NFL, no deal.

This is not what the audience for this event wants. We know what Kinect can do, and nothing this year was surprising. Nintendo did this last year, and now Microsoft thinks they can get in on that same market, while completely eliminating the market that made them successful. Awful.