E3 2010: Check Out Final Fantasy XIV’s Official Trailer

Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix

Square Enix had quite a few gems among the trailers and bits of information that was released during E3, and Final Fantasy XIV was among these gems. Though the trailer, seen below, is purely cinematic, it gives us a stylized preview of the world of FFXIV, Eorzea, and what players can expect from the new MMORPG. Aside from the Final Fantasy experience fans have come to expect, (chocobos, malboros, and all manner of classic monster), the trailer also promises a beta test soon.

Alongside the cinematic trailer, several “E3 Live Reports” have been revealed as well, which showcase the improved battle system, and even 3D support (rad?). The old ATB gauge has been replaced with a stamina gauge, which allows you to attack so long as you have stamina, much like Final Fantasy XIII and it’s ATB segments.

Other notable Square Enix titles include:

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. The trailer was a pleasant surprise, with it’s new boss reveal and fully voiced cast. Regardless of what fans whine about, Leonard Nimoy makes an awesome Master Xehanort.

Parasite Eve makes it’s return (about bloody time, Square Enix) with it’s oddly titled The 3rd Birthday. The game has adopted 3rd-person styled shooting in the same vein as Resident Evil 4 and 5, as opposed to it’s survival-horror RPG style from previous incarnations.

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