E3 2010: TERA Answers Your Questions on Twitter, Part 2

TERA, beta test image from fansite http://popori.ru/

It was revealed last week on TERA‘s own website that En Masse Entertainment’s senior producer Brian Knox would hold a special question-and-answer session featuring Twitter on Wednesday, June 16th, during E3 2010. The Q&A session has come and gone, but the questions can still be found on TERA‘s official Twitter page. Brian Knox is slippery with his information, answering vaguely, and carefully. Here are a few interesting tweets, and his responses.

@DannyLippman: “In the instances, is there a chance puzzles/riddles may be involved”

Knox: “Puzzles within our quest system will be available all throughout the world. More variety in quests was a huge ask from our last test”

@ADmeister7: “In the 10TonHammer podcast, Sam and Matt indicated class restrictions by race, was this true or false?”

Knox: “Nothing is final, we are working on the balance right now. What you have seen in the tests is likely to change.”

@mortalgreed: “Is there a class switching in #TERA? Like say I got a certain level and switched to another lower level class, that’s possible?”

Knox: “Not at this time. However we are working on an unnamed system to allow points to be added to skills for class differentiation.”

@ADmeister7: “When can we look forward to hearing the basics of the political system?”

TERA, beta test image from fansite http://popori.ru/

Knox: “Guild members will be elected to office by combat, wealth and popularity. They will have access to buffs, tax rates and “protection”‘

@Tigorasou: “With the political system will it be possible to have a coup de etat? Can we revolt against unfair rulers?”

Knox: “Yes and encouraged. Politics will be just that, politics.”

@mortalgreed: “How is equipment stored? Will it bound to characters or are they transferable to alts?”

Knox: “We are working on a system to allow your higher level characters to give bonus points to your alts to help your second time through.”

You can also find a transcript of all the answered tweets right on TERA‘s own website.

It’s a little disconcerting to hear that they don’t have a definitive answer regarding classes being open to all races. We finally get a tiny bit of information regarding the political system, though the guild system leaves us with more questions. It seems that a player’s guild rank is determined through gameplay mechanics? Also, the Alt system sounds very encouraging. Easier to play through the game a second time, you say? Sounds suspiciously convenient. It’s almost like the game is actually trying to appeal to players. Woah.

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