E3 2010: Global Agenda’s First Expansion Revealed

Global Agenda screenshot

Global Agenda, Hi Rez Studios’ team shooter MMO, is getting a new expansion: Sandstorm. Revealed at E3 2010, this expansions offers its players new weapons and armor, more character customization, larger group raids, new PVP and PvE content, solo PvE, and improved Agency vs. Agency campaigns. Also new to the game is the Open Zone, which was demoed at E3 2010 and features more quest-driven gameplay.

“Sandstorm introduces players to two new NPC factions, new Bosses, new instanced missions, and story-driven quest lines within the Sonoran Desert outside Dome City”, said Executive Producer Todd Harris. “This expansion preserves our intense, shooter combat but adds story and immersion elements that we think players will really appreciate”

Sandstorm‘s content will be added to Global Agenda throughout the summer, and is entirely free for subscribers.

Global Agenda has a relatively unique payment model, which allows players to play a good portion of the game -eight characters, PvP, coop missions, etc.- for a one-time fee. Players can also opt to subscribe to the game and receive ongoing free expansions (like Sandstorm) as well as additional game modes, the ability to form agencies, agency vs. agency gameplay, and more.

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