Global Agenda Goes Subscription Free, Guild Wars-style

Global Agenda screenshot

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that its shooter-based MMOG Global Agenda is now completely subscription free. This means that players will have limitless access to all of the game’s content -player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) gameplay, Agency versus Agency combat, and any and all other content-  included as part of the one-time purchase of the game.

The new Sandstorm expansion, revealed at E3, will also be included with the purchase, as well as the first Open Zone once it is released later this summer.

“Hi-Rez Studios is committed to delivering the best value in PC gaming”, said Todd Harris, Global Agenda Executive Producer. “In addition to including all of the game’s initial launch content for free inside the single-purchase price, we are bundling nearly 6 months worth of post-release content and features and including that within the single-purchase game. One purchase of Global Agenda let’s you experience all of this content forever with no subscription.”

Much like Guild Wars, future content expansions are bought separately, should players opt to buy them at all. Expected to be released once or twice per year, there is no set price for future expansions. The next expansion is expect to see release near the end of the year. Expansions in general promise new content, typically centered around a new world region, including maps, new weapons, enemy encounters, crafting, social areas, and open zones.

To celebrate, Steam is offering Global Agenda for 33% off from now until July 5 as part of Steam’s Summer Sale.

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