Week in Arcade: Puzzle Quest 2, Anicents of Ooga

$25 worth of games this week, but certainly worth it considering what we’re talking about.

Puzzle Quest 2

Remember the dud that was the supposed Puzzle Quest sequel… in space? Yeah, no one does. This is how a sequel should be done. The overworld is a bit a slow and clunky (why not let the player just control the character instead of pointing?), but the battles are enhanced with new powers, quick attacks, wider variety of enemies and classes, and bigger visuals. The game remains mostly the same, matching three to attack and build magic/quick attacks, but the addiction level is just as strong.

Ancients of Ooga

Remember Cloning Clyde? You should. It was a stand-out of the early Live Arcade releases on the 360, and this is definitely a close cousin. It feels almost the same, with slightly slippery controls and the ability to change into other characters. The art style is typical Ninja Bee (completely out there and funny), as is the audio. Level design is focused on puzzle solving, collecting, and reaching some form of goal. It’s fast and quirky, and a must buy for those Cloning Clyde fans at only $10.