Blade & Soul, New Concept Art and Recent Info Round-up

NCSoft’s Team Bloodlust posted a few pieces of new concept art on their Korean website recently, which revealed some of their ideas and inspirations for environments in their upcoming MMORPG, Blade & Soul. The fansite “Blade & Soul Dojo” posted a translation of the original article on their website.

Ghost-town, Blade & Soul concept art

The deserted city-scape is the first concept image, depicting what a unique high-rise city in ruins, overrun with monsters and turned into a veritable ghost-town.

"Death Star" inspired fortress, Blade & Soul concept art

The second image depicts a super-dungeon: a floating oriental fortress/city very much in the same vein as the “Death Star” from the Star Wars movies.

Rotting dead sea, Blade & Soul concept art

A rotting, polluted sea is the next concept image, suggesting that Team Bloodlust is considering an under-water dungeon, and perhaps even under-water exploration in Blade & Soul.

Frozen cavern ruins, Blade & Soul concept art

Frozen ruins are the last concept image discussed in the article, revealing a frozen dungeon of some kind where players can walk over the surface of the frozen water and explore ships and structures trapped in the ice.

Beautiful shrine and fanservice, Blade & Soul concept art

The final concept art is a bonus image, with the promise of playing in the beautiful and rich world in the near-future.

Not very much has been revealed about Blade & Soul since the release of the G-Star 2009 trailer several months back:

  • An extended trailer was released shortly after the G-Star event, with Blade & Soul producer James Bae and art director Hyung Tae Kim providing details about the game.
  • Back in February we have learned that a console version of Blade & Soul is under steady development alongside the PC version.
  • We have learned from a conference call between NCsoft and stockholders that an internal test has been conducted for Blade & Soul. Confidence was expressed from NCsoft regarding the title’s quality.
  • A recent interview with NCsoft’s chief financial officer Lee Jae Ho has revealed that closed beta testing is not likely to be conducted during the first half of 2010 as was originally predicted. CBT is now scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2010 (October, November, and December).

We also know that NCsoft will be attending the Comic-Con at San Diego this year, according to the exhibitor listing. Whether this means more Blade & Soul information during the event remains to be seen.

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