‘Heroes of Three Kingdoms’ Enters Closed Beta July 13th

Heroes of Three Kingdoms, closed beta announcement image

Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Perfect World Entertainment’s upcoming MMORPG based on the popularized “Three Kingdoms Era” period of Chinese history, will enter it’s closed beta phase on July 13th.

“Heroes of Three Kingdoms is one of our most anticipated games to date and we’re very excited to be launching the closed beta in North America in less than two weeks,” said the Product Manager for Heroes of Three Kingdoms, AJ Potter. “Regardless of whether you are familiar with the Battle of Red Cliff, the legend is one that resonates throughout history-from the tale of David versus Goliath or the battle of 300 Spartans against the forces of Xerxes. Heroes of Three Kingdoms brings to life one of the most turbulent periods in history.”

Heroes of Three Kingdoms boasts good animations, a robust weapon list, and  has the added pull of playing within historic alliances, and re-enacting historic battles. We’ll see what else the title brings to the table in the coming days.

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