Multiplayergames’ Digital Dojo: UFC Undisputed 2010

Welcome back to the Digital Dojo!  This month we examine the mixed martial arts with UFC Undisputed 2010. Developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ, this sequel to UFC 2009 Undisputed was released on May 25, 2010.  The idea behind this is simple. You can either play as a current UFC fighters in exhibition bouts or create your own fighter and try to fight your way into the UFC.  Stepping beyond the simple game types, you do find a world of complexity though.

When building a fighter, almost every aspect of him is open for design, from look to fight style, and with the inclusion of new fighting styles and techniques over its predecessor, this game has a plethora of detail. The main “technique templates” or fighting styles are Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, American, Brazilian, Japanese, Russian, Grappler with Brazilian Ju-Jitsu base, and Grappler with Judo base.

The game case advertises three new fighting style have been added.  These styles being Karate, Sambo, and Greco-Roman wrestling. While we have broken down what Karate is in previous lessons, Sambo and Greco-Roman wrestling deserve a quick over-view here.  Sambo is a mixed martial art in it’s own, and has it’s roots in Japanese Judo and Karate.  There are three officially recognized forms of Sambo which are Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo, and Freestyle Sambo.  These three differ mainly in their competitive rules, but the UFC does not  have any restrictions like Sambo competitions may have, so it is likely fighters use hybrids of all three in the UFC.  Greco-Roman wrestling is a wrestling style that forbids holds below the waist, which brings an emphasis to throws to take down an opponent.  Again, since the UFC doesn’t restrict styles, anyone with this as a base style most certainly breaks the below the waist hold rule.

The one odd part about these “new” styles is the fact that none of them are selectable for the templates by these names.  It is possible Karate is supposed to be implied by the American template, since Karate is really more of an Americanized term.  If this is true, Sambo would link to the Russian template and possibly Greco-Roman wrestling to the MMA style since it says that is wrestling based.  If this is how the developers are referencing the new styles, it makes no sense. Why would you not put the names of the styles into the templates since you market them on the box? The only place that specifically names one of these styles (Karate) is in the navigation styles.

The navigation styles are basically your fighter’s guard stance.  You can select from power fighter, tight/ upright boxer, flicker, Muay Thai A, Muay Thai B, wrestling, Karate, hunched, MMA, and tall fighter.  These stances change your fighter’s hand position and body position, and the most interesting of the bunch is the MMA style.  This style is shown with the fighter’s body turned to the side, when in actuality most MMA fighters take on a more squared up stance to their opponent in order to sprawl better to block take-down attempts.

Beyond the above mistakes, the game’s detail and accuracy is astounding. The great thing about doing a mixed martial arts game is that you can never truly say they got something wrong in a style, because you have the ability to learn almost any technique you want your fighter to know.  The developers even included ground submissions that are almost never pulled off in the octagon, but they give you the chance to do them here.  Submissions like the gogoplata where you choke your opponent out with your shin, or the Peruvian necktie where you choke them out with your arm while their head is pinned down by the back of your leg.  All techniques are done with beautiful fluidity, probably motion captured, and give the detail any modern video game should for fighting.

Here ends the lesson.

Bulging belly buttons in babies usually go away after year

Chicago Sun-Times January 30, 1992 | Dr. Paul Donohue; Paul G. Donohue (STANDARD) Q. My daughter had a baby boy, who is now about a month old. He has a herniated belly button. It is about the size of a golf ball. I’ve had four children of my own and three other grandchildren and never experienced this. Should something be done? Please offer your opinion. website strep throat contagious

A. After birth, the stomach muscles surrounding the umbilical-cord entrance close naturally. When that closure is delayed or incomplete for one reason or another, a hernia, a bulge in the weakened area, occurs. This is very common in babies of low birth weight and more so in black infants than others.

Most umbilical hernias that appear before six months disappear by the end of the baby’s first year. Surgery is indicated only if the hernia has not disappeared between the ages of 3 and 5, if it shows progressive enlargement between ages 1 and 2, or if a piece of intestine has become trapped and cannot be freed.

Q. Just recently I found out that a young friend has a rare disease called Alport’s. Please tell me about this. see here strep throat contagious

A. Briefly, Alport’s syndrome is an inherited illness with two important signs – deafness and kidney disturbance. Although there is no cure, both the deafness and kidney disturbance can be helped.

Q. Is it possible to eat shellfish all one’s life and then have anaphylactic reaction to it?

A. Yes. In fact it is the usual thing to have a sudden allergy to something you have eaten with impunity in the past. This happened to me with penicillin.

However, anaphylaxis is an intense and dangerous reaction – breathing loss and great drop in blood pressure, for example. It is, fortunately, a rare allergy manifestation. You have piqued our imagination. Would you like to expand on just what happened to you?

Q. Is a strep throat contagious to others? I am a young mother who will probably have reason to understand strep throat.

A. Yes, it is contagious. This is why a youngster should be kept home until 24 hours after starting antibiotics and until fever has subsided.

Dr. Paul Donohue; Paul G. Donohue (STANDARD)