Missed TERA at E3 2010? Watch the Demo Walkthrough Here

"Manticore" enemy on Mistmoor island, TERA

En Masse Entertainment presented TERA at E3 2010 this year with a playable demo of the upcoming action MMORPG. To accommodate those interested players who couldn’t attend E3 this year, En Masse has put together an overview of the one of these demo sessions, cut-down to a five-minute highlight. Producer Sam Kim and associate producer Stefan Ramirez provide commentary for the video, detailing the many facets of TERA‘s gameplay.

Five classes were available for play in the E3 demo. They are the:

  • Berserkers, who swing their massive axes about, crippling enemies with heavy blows and knock-downs. Berserkers also possess a block ability, which allows players to deflects damage without sacrificing their position.
  • Warriors, who possess swift dual-sword attacks, which allows them to deal damage very quickly. They cannot block, but can evade instead, making them nimble, hard-to-hit characters. Their dodge lets them get in close and withdraw quickly, for good hit-and-run tactics.
  • Slayers, who fights by swinging about their massive sword in wide arcs. They too can dodge attacks. While they are much less nimble than the warrior class, slayers can combo abilities very well, making them a serious threat once they get their attacks going.
  • Sorcerers, which are the attack-mage class. They deal heavy damage with spells and charged abilities, but have low defense. This class needs to cast from a safe distance to avoid having their attacks interrupted, or avoid losing precious health.
  • Priests, who are the healing class of the game. Healing is their primary focus, which, in a game as hectic and energetic as TERA, can become difficult, as they must keep the party in good health and still keep themselves moving to avoid taking needless damage.

"Ruins Dweller" enemy in the sand dunes, TERA

The E3 2010 demo takes place on Mistmoor Island, one of eighty rich environments in the world of TERA. The objective in the demo was to take down the boss monster “Captain Marduk” and his miscreant band of pirate-monsters, who use Mistmoor as their headquarters.

The very first encounter in the demo is against a giant enemy crab, called a Dreadnought. This battle is a good example of how TERA‘s battle system works. Much like an action game, enemies telegraph their attacks with a wind-up of some sort, meaning that players need to recognize these tells in order to avoid or deflect damage. Players need to practice good defense in addition to offense in order to succeed, which is novel in a genre that to date has been relatively randomized and stat-based.

The demo continues with more monster battles, where players put to use their class-specific abilities, and finally, the boss monster Marduk. Marduk, much like the Dreadnought battle, requires good party dynamics to overcome. It has plenty of special attacks that are very dangerous, yet are obvious enough to recognize and avoid with some experience. The battle system is a definite draw for the game: let’s hope we see some player versus player combat in the near future.

Watch TERA’s E3 2010 demo video:

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