Runes of Magic Intros Relationship System, Tutorial Help

Runes of Magic, wedding ceremony

Runes of Magic, the well known free-to-play MMORPG, will introduce a relationship system to the game with the coming patch (update 3.0.3). This relationship system allows two players to commit to several types of partnerships. Players are rewarded with in-game bonuses depending on the type of relationship they form. Marriage in particular is at the heart of this system, but family and friend relationships can also be established.

The relationships give players bonuses when they find themselves in a group, such as a boosted stat or increased rare item drops. The system is also dynamic in that the relationship deepens with gameplay: the two characters earn relationship experience when they fight together, with ten levels of relationship depth. These levels in turn effect the efficiency of the bonuses.

With the introduction of pets in patch 3.0.2, some players failed to grasp the finer points of the system. To remedy this, publisher Frogster has created a video tutorial section on the Runes of Magic website, with it’s first tutorial dedicated to explaining the pet feature.

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