Crackdown 2 DLC Everything That’s Wrong with DLC

Ignore for a moment the jabs at Crackdown 2 that degrade it as being just an expansion to the original, however true those statements may be. Ruffian Games has teased the first two DLC packs, already within a week of the game’s release. That’s ridiculous by itself, but it gets worse.

The first pack holds tons of ridiculousness, beyond the usual additions of vehicles and gadgets. “The Toy Box” DLC will also contain Keys to the City, which was a feature of the original. Yes, a free feature that was released as DLC that allowed you to turn off enemies after beating the game, leaving players free to roam the city searching for orbs.

Now, it costs money?

Is there any logical excuse here? Since the game is practically a virtual carbon copy of the original with minimal changes, this feature must have been cut out with the intent to sell. Oh, and they make it a necessary feature since the enemies lob grenades and fling rockets with reckless abandon, disrupting any search pretty quick. Who knew annoyance could be a selling point? It’s almost absurd they cram this feature in with other items to make it seem like a value too.

The second pack, the Deluge DLC, will add new game modes, blaming the need for this on a short development time… or maybe a marketing bonus. The problem? People keep buying this stuff.