TERA Updates: New Interview, Screenshots, and Comic-Con 2010

"Mystic Magic" image from TERA's screenshots of the week

This past week has revealed some new facts about Blue Hole Studios and En Masse Entertainment’s TERA. Jason “BrotherMagneto” Mical, Community Director for En Masse Entertainment, has posted a link to an interview with himself and TERA fan community TERAHispano on TERA‘s official forums. While the interview doesn’t reveal too much, it does touch on a few obscure subjects, such as the jumping mechanic and crafting. The official site is featuring it’s new screenshots of the week, this time focusing on the Arun’s south-eastern area. The official website has also revealed that TERA will be playable at this year’s Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego.

The TERAHispano interview puts to rest the balancing fears regarding jumping in-game. Jason Mical tells TERAHispano:

Jumping won’t be so beneficial that people will be able to take advantage of it in that way. In the words of one of the 20th Century’s greatest poets:

"Lethal Trickster" from TERA's screenshots of the week

“You’ve got to roll with the punches and get to what’s real / Can’t you see me standing here, I got my back against the record machine / I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen / Can’t you see what I mean / Ah, might as well Jump.”

Jason Mical also describes how high-end equipment will play out, and how crafting factors into it. “The current plan is to make the highest-end items exclusive to raid boss drops, but crafted items can come very close to these high-end items,” Mical says. “We’ll talk more about the crafting and enchanting systems soon, and get more in-depth about what exactly that means.”

The interview also confirms in-game events. “A big part of my role with the company,” says Mical, “is to plan in-game events, which will range from cool one-off events for individuals to big (even server-wide) group events.”

"Toad Cavalry" from TERA's screenshots of the week

The “Screenshots of the week” are a weekly set of images posted on the official TERA website of a particular region in the game. Week 9 reveals the forested emerald countryside of Arun’s south-eastern region. The images showcase some of the enemies, and well as a bit of the beautiful woodland cityscape of Pora Elinu,

Finally, TERA will be attending Comic-Con at San Diego this year, from Wednesday, July 21st to Sunday, July 25th. TERA will be located within the Future Play Booth (#4445) at the northern end of aisle 4400. En Masse will hold a private event for the TERA community during the week of Comic-Con as well, though details on the event will be revealed at later date.

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