Week in Arcade: Deathspank, Deadliest Warrior

A two-pack of games again this week, although in terms of quality…

Deadliest Warrior

This is based on Spike TV’s show that pits various warriors over the ages against one another in a fighting game… like World Heroes, Time Killers, and other fighters did years before this. Anyway, Deadliest Warrior has this urge to be realistic; a few hits can disarm (literally) an opponent, or decapitate them. That’s all well and good, but a fight can end in seconds, not saying much for the Spartan’s staying power or the ninja’s stamina. The game lacks pacing or flow, becoming more of a challenge to see who can land that major blow to end the fight, missing the point of the genre entirely.


EA’s latest addition to the downloadable market, Deathspank is enormously funny, is not the most solid in terms of design. Combat feels a bit sloppy, and in the thick of battle with numerous “stoopid chickens,” it’s just sheer screen chaos. It sells itself on a wide array array of missions, looting, and general action-RPG mechanics, but the base of the title is a bit too unwieldy, and the art design too busy. It’s salvaged by the humor and loads of voice acting/production values.