Free Realms Offers Lifetime Memberships for 30 bucks

Lifetime membership image, Free Realms

Yes, you read that right: Free Realms, the incredibly popular family-friendly massively multiplayer virtual world, is offering lifetime memberships for only $29.99 for a limited time. From Friday, July 16 to Monday, August 2, players can take advantage of this fantastic offer by checking out Free Realmsofficial website and either signing up, or upgrading their current account.

Players who previously purchased a 12 month subscription will automatically be upgraded to a lifetime membership at no extra charge. Those who are currently a 1, 3, or 6 month member, and sign up for the lifetime membership, will be charged at the end of their current membership. Their lifetime membership will take effect at that time as well.

In addition to lifetime memberships, Free Realms is also implementing daily activities. These allow players to enjoy new content regularly. The first of these daily activities, “Rob Robbie,” rewards players who log in and complete the quest six days in a row. Daily activities are now live, and more are currently in the works.

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