Plants vs. Zombies Xbox 360 Adds Multiplayer

Those who wait always get bonuses. Gamers who have been expecting an Xbox Live Arcade port of the PopCap instant classic Plants vs. ZombiesĀ  are about to be very happy. The tower defense title tore up on the PC, launching an entirely new market for the genre, and getting moms to kill zombies. Awesome.

On the 360, everyone can play together in a new co-op mode. Those wondering how Tower Defense works via co-op can look no further than the XBLA South Park title, although that involved a significant amount of motion and action. PvZ is rather static and grid-based, so who knows how it will work out.

Versus play is also being added, although again, who knows how that will work either. Given PopCap’s track record, it’s safe to say we’re in good hands. The XBLA port is due sometime in September.