TERA to be Published by Frogster in Europe (and New Screenshots of the Week)

Casting Sorceress, TERA

An official press release has revealed that TERA, the next-gen action MMORPG from Blue Hole Studios, will be published by Frogster Interactive Picture AG in Europe.

The official forum is ripe with negativity over the news, with several pages worth of posts from upset and disappointed European users. The loudest of the naysayers point out Frogster’s bad customer service, ban-happy approach to problems, server lag, and poorly-designed cash shops that milk players of their money.

While the list of grievances s considerable, En Mass Entertainment’s community manager “Scapes” clarified Frogster’s role in the newfound partnership in a forum thread:

Baleful Gula, TERA

  • Frogster will create, maintain, and manage TERA’s servers in Europe.
  • Frogster will handle customer services, and accounts created through Frogster are exclusive to the European servers. This means that European players will not be able to access North American servers.
  • While there will be appropriate translations (French and German for now) for European regions, TERA will still follow the same update schedule (and share the same content) as the North American version.
  • Content changes (like blood) may occur to meet local European laws if necessary.
  • There will not be a microtransaction payment model for TERA in Europe. TERA will be subscription only in all regions of the world.

Enraged Shurian, TERA

In addition to this surprising revelation, En Masse Entertainment has posted a new “Screenshots of the Week” entry. These new images reveal Southern Arun’s Azarel’s Temple. Seemingly inspired by ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian architecture, the temple promises awesome ambience, imposing enemies, and maybe even some undiscovered treasures.

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