Chris Cashman Says Goodbye to 1 vs 100

You know, the more you see about 1 vs 100, you realize that Microsoft was really onto something. People loved this show, and it really was a “show.” It felt live, and even when the same Sprint ad ran for the 300th time in a night, you kept going because playing with friends was a blast. It feels just like a TV network canning a show before its time was really up, sort of like (almost) every Joss Whedon project ever.

Chris Cashman, the host of 1 vs. 100, well he saw it first hand. He even made a goodbye video (embedded above), remembering his time on the show, and then forgetting everyone involved like anyone on the Internet would. It’s an experience we will lose to time, one of the crying shames of dealing with digital content, and only exist as a memory. Hopefully, it can somehow be preserved so future generations will understand.