Kinect $150, Bundled with Game

Even after stating they weren’t going to speculate, Microsoft’s price point for their motion control camera came in right where retailers expected it to: $150. It does come packaged with a game, Kinect Adventures, apparently trying to avoid the Wii comparison by not including any sports-related titles.

Microsoft is also introducing a new matte-finished hardware with an absurdly small 4GB hard drive. That hardware is $200. For the holidays, another bundle will be introduced with the same 4GB 360, Kinect, and Kinect Adventures for $300.

Those ready and willing to rush out to grab a Kinect need to look back briefly and consider the history of add-ons, even this generation when the Xbox Live Vision Camera promised the same type of experience that went nowhere. Remember the Sega Activator? Super Nintendo Super Scope 6? NES Power Pad?

All of those were add-ons that went nowhere, because unlike the Wii, developers need to specifically program for motion control or light gun games, and not every user will own that additional device, leaving the market smaller than designing a game for a controller. It creates a split market, and it’s as true now as it’s ever been. Why spend millions developing for (and learning) new tech when the audience is not even half that of the console ownership numbers as a whole?

That’s going to be the hurdle for Kinect (and Sony’s Move), especially with the price as it stands.