DC Universe Online Beta Registration & Pre-order Perks

Joker, using his trademark (?) uppercut on some poor yutz

Sony Online Entertainment, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced that their upcoming massively multiplayer online game, DC Universe Online, will be entering beta testing later this year, and has opened registration for the beta. They are also offering incentive for early-birds to reserve the game with a nice variety of pre-order bonuses.

Beta testing is expected to start in November, and registration is officially open. Players interested in participating can sign up on the official website for a chance to be selected in the beta.

A Collectors Edition of DC Universe Online will be available exclusively for PC. This version of the game comes with a snazzy Batman statue (conceptualized by artist Jim Lee), as well as a limited edition artbook, and a DC Universe Online: Legends Issue #0 comic.

Major retailers are offering pre-order bonuses as well, the most notable of which is the ability to play as Batman in the Player versus player (PvP) combat arena. Other pre-order bonuses include the limited edition comic, and/or a unique in-game weapon for player characters.

Finally, players who pre-order DC Universe Online for digital download get perks too. Players who pre-order through Steam get Bane’s Venom Injector as a bonus, while players who use Direct2Drive get Mr. Freeze’s Zero Grenade.

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