Frogster Addresses Concerns About TERA’s European Localization

The Red Lash Dreadnaught, AKA Giant Enemy Crab, TERA

It was revealed last week that TERA, the exciting new action MMORPG from Blue Hole Studios in South Korea, would be published by Frogster Interactive Pictures in Europe. European fans were downcast by the news, citing a great many list of grievances against the publisher. Frogster’s director of product management, Daniel Ullrich, recently posted a list of answers to many of the concerns players had about Frogster’s involvement with the game on TERA‘s official forums.

Daniel Ullrich addressed five key concerns in the forum post:

  • TERA will not be free-to-play like many of Frogster’s other MMOGs. TERA is designed for a subscription-based model, and it will be operated as such in Europe.
  • Frogster has no intention of censoring TERA in Europe. It is their hope to keep the game completely faithful to the other versions of TERA worldwide. However, while TERA doesn’t seem to require any censoring in Europe, this may change depending on legislation in certain European countries (like Germany).
  • Frogster has not yet disclosed the type of hardware used for the servers in Europe, but because the game is so demanding in its gameplay aspects, they are assuring prospective players that they will work closely with Blue Hole Studios to obtain the best hardware to deliver the best performance possible.
  • Frogster is putting together a 24/7 support team exclusively for TERA players. It is their hope to deliver the best possible English, French, and German customer support to TERA fans.
  • Frogster has agreed with both En Masse Entertainment (the North American publisher), and Blue Hole Studios to provide users from all regions with the same information and game versions on the same day.

Daniel Ullrich finished off his post by inviting concerned players to visit TERA‘s booth at this years Gamescom, one of the largest gaming conventions in Europe, and talk with Frogster directly. Gamescom will take place on August 19 to 22, 2010 in Cologne, Germany.

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