Could Carmine Survive Gears of War 3?

Rod Fergusson, executive producer of Gears of War 3 over at Epic, is right. He wants Carmine dead. Following in the line of overexcited Carmine brothers Anthony and Benjamin, Clayton will be making his appearance in Gears 3, but apparently his fate is still in doubts amongst the dev team and fans.

Apparently, no one has respect for tradition anymore. The Carmine’s are video game fodder in the purest form, always finding a way to die in the least admirable way possible, and taking that away from Gears 3 is just missing the point. A cliche but enjoyable little subplot could easily see him cheating death multiple times to keep the tension high, and the laughs rolling. Speaking at a Comic-Con party, Rod said to Joystiq it would be left up to the fans, who according to Rod ask things like, “What about Mrs. Carmine?”

Well, how do you know she is even alive anymore? The Carmine name is a video game legacy now, regardless of the reasons, much like Kenny was on South Park’s early seasons. Let the family rest in peace… together.