Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Adding Move Support

Those who enjoyed utilizing motion controls to play Resident Evil (RE4 on the Wii specifically) will be able to do so on the PS3 and Resident Evil 5… with the “gold” edition only.

Close to the launch of PlayStation Move, Gold owners will receive a patch enabling the new control scheme for the title.  After the release of Move, future pressed copies of RE5 Gold will have the necessary code on-disc.

Why do you need the Gold edition? Sony’s Sid Shuman simply stated that “… the original version of RE5 won’t be receiving the patch, for technical reasons.” Technical reasons as in they want more sales of the Gold copies? Since the game itself is exactly the same in terms of its code, what could the barrier possibly be? Still, for Move purchasers, it’s nice to see some support for older titles so the launch isn’t limited to mini-games.