New Halo: Reach Trailer is About Scope

If there was any doubt to the sheer scale of Halo: Reach, Bungie’s latest trailer puts that to rest. The amount of beautiful, gorgeous shots in this single trailer, set to Marty O’Donnell’s latest Halo score, is a sight to behold. The Pelican’s coming over the mountain range, the lone Spartan firing rounds at the Covenant drop ship, or the Spartan simply witnessing the devastation are all jaw-dropping in terms of scope.

That doesn’t even cover the potential action, with seemingly hundreds of warthogs charging into battle against Covenant Banshees. It’s all stunning, some of the best sights to come out of the Halo universe so far, and we haven’t even played it yet.


The Columbian (Vancouver, WA) May 2, 2001 | JULIA ANDERSON, Columbian staff writer A fine-dining restaurant is set to open this summer near the fastest-growing area of east Vancouver. oasis day spa

Lloyd Taylor, a longtime area businessman, has signed a deal to put a 180-seat restaurant-lounge on the upper level of South View Center, being constructed northwest of Southeast 164th Avenue and Southeast 34th Street.

The restaurant, to be called Bacchus, will feature a rustic brick interior with terraced dining, fireplace and open lounge area.

Executive chef and general manager Kevin Connell said the restaurant’s lunch menu will offer items ranging from $5 to $14 with dinner prices from about $18 to $32.

He said naming the restaurant Bacchus after the Roman god of wine lends itself to the approach he will take with its menu.

“Instead of planning the food then matching wine to it, we’ll regularly choose wines and match menu items to the wine,” he said. Connell expects the menu to offer seasonal items, seafood, even game with a fresh, light presentation.

Thomas Andersen, a business partner of Taylor, will be the restaurant’s entertainment and event coordinator.

“Our hope is to bring a mix of talent to the lounge including jazz, salsa dance, blues and maybe dinner-theater,” Andersen said.

The restaurant is expected to employ about 55. Developers are hoping for a mid-July opening Taylor, who has operated the Rent Town USA retail chain for 20 years, said owning and operating a restaurant has been a lifelong dream.

“I feel very confident about the project because of the experienced team we’ve put together here,” Taylor said. “We’re also very excited about the location with the high traffic on 164th and demographics of the area. The buzz here is that a restaurant like this is overdue.” Residential growth in the past five years, just east and north of South View makes the area the fastest-growing in the county. site oasis day spa

The restaurant will occupy a second-level space in the retail project. From that height, the views of Portland and Mount Hood are “amazing,” said Taylor.

Pam Lindloff, sales associate with Norris, Beggs & Simpson, said other tenants signed for the project include Oasis Day Spa. An IHOP restaurant is planned on the northeast corner, a Knowledge Beginnings day care center is already operating on its north end and a Texaco station is located on the south end.

Lindloff said she’s negotiating to bring a bakery, nail salon, dry cleaner and possibly a deli-sandwich outlet to the remaining 26,000 square feet in the project.

AT A GLANCE WHAT: Bacchus restaurant OFFERING: Upscale menu with wine cellar and live entertainment WHERE: 3200 S.E. 164th Ave., east Vancouver OWNER: Lloyd Taylor DEVELOPMENT COST: About $1 million OPENING: mid-July JULIA ANDERSON, Columbian staff writer